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Traditional wood decks

Top deck builds a wood deck with Cedar Tone treated pine. Although slightly more costly than standard treated pine your deck will require less maintenance and look much more elegant that traditional treated pine. Be aware that wooden decks do not last like they once did. We believe the average life span to be 7-10 years.

Here are pics of wood decks we have done.

Yes, plastic lumber is more expensive than wood upfront, but a smart investor knows that the most cost-efficient and valuable products are the ones that save you time and money in the long run.

Re-deck or New deck

At Top Deck we have 3 Rainshed Deck building options.

1. Modular Sections:

Most of our custom Rainshed decks are manufactured off site as modular sections which are then installed at the job site along with our stair and rail systems show. Our modular sections are built to a higher quality than with traditional stick building. Plus, the modular sections allow us to build/finish almost 3 to 5 days faster than a traditional deck.

2. Traditional Stick Building:

If we are not using modular sections, then the Rainshed decks are stick built on the job site. That means the workers build the frame and the deck at the job site “board by board” then install the manufactured stair and rail systems.

3. Re deck:

25-year Limited Warranty on your EXISTING frame

Another very popular option is the re-deck. We can often use your existing deck frame for your Rainshed deck, usually saving 20% of the cost. We strip the flooring and rails from the existing deck and then install the Rainshed Decking. We also provide a 25-year limited warranty on your existing frame. We are confident that if your existing frame stays dry, then it will not rot.

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