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Building High Quality Composite Decks Since 200

So, you're looking to get a new deck and trying to find the right builder. Well, search no more!

Top Deck is the manufacturer and designer of many state-of-the-art composite deck and patio products.

Founder Pat Flynn has been in the deck industry since the mid-80’s and first used composite decking in the 90’s. Since then, Pat has tried continuously to find new ways to prolong the lifespan of wooden framing to match the durability of the composite components he uses regularly. Pat was one of the first builders in the STL metropolitan area to adopt composite deck boards as a standard.

Top Deck has been experimenting with new innovations in modern decking since it’s opening in 2002. 


Because no organic fills are used, there is nothing for mold or mildew to adhere to.

Since the introduction of their Rainshed deck board in 2016, it has been an invaluable solution to prevent rot. Top Deck has proudly introduced other exciting composite deck and patio products since then.

Top Deck’s products are solid composite — never hollow. Because of this, Top Deck guarantees a longer-lasting deck that is more beautiful than the competition. Rainshed Decking, rails, staircases, and more are all made from mineral infused high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic boards.

Rainshed Decking is a product that diverts water that normally comes through the decking, out to the ends of the deck. This not only allows for dry space below; it also keeps the wooden frame of a deck dry, keeping your deck healthy for many years to come!

You will see that Rainshed Decking produces the best composite deck solution on the market.

You expect your composite deck to last for decades. Rainshed Decking accomplishes just that.

The mineral additive increases the strength of the boards and decreases the expansion/contraction common in all plastic lumber. Because there are no organic compounds, mildew; rot; mold; and insect infestations are protected against.

Top Deck’s composites are supplied by Lumberock and are covered under a lifetime warranty

Top Deck’s structural composites used for synthetic frames are supplied by Owen’s Corning.

Top Deck offers a 25-year limited warranty on its Rainshed Decking and frames.

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