Custom and Modular Decks

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In 2021, Top Deck introduced the state-of-the-art modular deck system. These deck sectionals are built offsite and are delivered later for installation. Designed to save time and money, our modular system has proven to be faster, cheaper, and the results are a higher standard of workmanship that is not achievable when a deck is built on the jobsite. 

From 2021-2024, the frames for our modular sectionals have used kiln dried treated pine and are built to the same specifications needed to properly use Rainshed. All of Top Deck’s rails, stairs, and other composite components are also compatible with this system.

Starting in 2024, Top deck is offering fully synthetic modular decks containing no wood. These composite sectionals are framed with Owen’s Corning structural lumber (HDPE & fiberglass). They provide a similar feel to a traditional wood deck without having the issues related to having wooden structures outdoors.

For more complicated deck shapes in which modular sectionals cannot be used, frames are constructed on site. Both methods provide the same protection, use the same composite materials, and have virtually identical profiles & surfaces.

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