Rainshed Decking System

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Rainshed Decking

Designed to prevent the damage which causes weak frames and wobbly stairs.

Rainshed boards are solid, single components that have integrated water channels formed into them to divert water. The boards overlap, forming a leak resistant channel. Rainshed Decking is attached underneath the board, meaning minimal exposed screws and no rusted bolts and screws. 

Rainshed Decking is the first and only solid water channeling deck board. No gaskets are required. Our mineral infused HDPE deck boards divert rainwater into integrated open channels. Water flows through these channels out the ends of the deck.

Our decks are extremely durable
and will not rot, crack, splinter, or peel.

Sturdy Steel Post and Beam Construction

Standard Rainshed Decks come with black steel post and beam construction. Steel load bearing posts with standard Rainshed wrap. Strong, straight, and fully wrapped for low maintenance.

Frame Shaping keeps your deck from rotting.

Although Rainshed deck boards are the main reason your wooden frame stays dry. It’s not as simple as installing decks onto a standard frame. Almost all standard frames will sag in the middle thus holding water and causing leaks.

Proper water flow keeps your deck frame from rotting. Proper water flow is achieved through a process called Frame Shaping. Without Frame Shaping, water stays in low areas of the deck caused by sagging and shrinking joists. The components involved with Frame Shaping raise parts of a deck board, creating a slight convex shape on the surface of the deck. This prevents water from pooling in the deck board by ensuring waterflow at both ends of the deck, minimizing the amount of water building up inside and preventing overflows in the channel and the frame getting wet. 

A quick sweep or power wash will keep the channels open and minimize leakage possibilities. With our integrated water channels there’s no need for under deck solutions to keep it dry below. These under deck solutions have issues with leaking and prevent you from seeing the rot which can cause catastrophic failure!!

Unique overlap design protects the frame and diverts water

Vertical tongue and groove fascia protects sides of deck from most rainwater, hides fasteners, and leaves no butt seams. This is a rarity in the deck business.

Rubber water diversion system located at the house.

We also have a rubber channel installed at the house to divert water out both sides of the deck. This is unique to Top Decks Rainshed Deck system.

Available in a variety of colors

While decks create a space for more activities. Colors can add that touch of luxury to your space. Choose from our 10 different colors for your deck or swooshola to accent and add to the beauty of your home.

25-year Limited Warranty

Rainshed Decking is backed by a 25 year Limited Warranty that protects against rotting frame.

(Rainshed Decking is not a roofing product and should not be used for such.)

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